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Resolved! Stream from V6 box to TV in another room

I have just got a V6 box to replace a tivo box and with the tivo box, I could transmit picture and sound from tivo box to a TV in another room, without connectingboth with wires.I am having problems finding out a way of doing the same from new V6 box...

Boab27 by Joining in
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Picture and sound breaks up on BBC1

The picture and sound break up on our V6 box but it only happens on BBC1, every other channel is fine and we have no issues with BBC1 on the iPlayer we are in the LU3 area

YouTube working in the app menu.

Evening everyone,  is anyone else having problems watching YouTube via the app section on the TIVO?  We've tried by our favourite channel where we've added it to and also in the main section of all the apps. We've had it on there for a long while but...

Andy151 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Can not watch channel 4 recordings

Hi  We just tried to watch my kids favourite program, which we recorded off of C4 ages ago. Never had an issue but now it is saying it is not available as this channel is no longer available on Virgin. The stupidity of this is blowing my mind. Is the...

picknage by Tuning in
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New TV Channel

Can anyone advise who or what I should approach in Virgin to ask them to add a TV channel to their offering. I’ve noticed that we already have BBC2 England, NI and Scotland but not BBC2 Wales. How do I go about asking Virgin to add the Wales channel ...

sfj1309 by Joining in
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Re: V6 box recordings freezing and jumping

Hi,I have this same issue I have had it in the past too. Last time I got a new V6 box and it fixed it fir a while but it has come back.Everything I record is essentially unwatchable as it will pause or skip randomly.How do I get a replacement?nands

nands by Joining in
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V6 User No Package Options

Hi,Following the price increase warning email from Virgin I've been looking at if I can get a better value from my package. I've added stuff over time and currently are being charged just over £133 (soon to be £150) for:- V6 box with TV Maxit package...

Resolved! TV + Broadband only packages? (no phone required)

Is it possible to get a TV + Broadband only package?My elderly parents are currently on a dated 'MixTV' package, TV only costing £35 per month on an old TIVO500 box i think.  They have BT landline (and wont change that.... lets not go there) so lokin...

VMSKYGuy by Joining in
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