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V6 Box broken

My daughter has moved out and I have moved her V6 box from her bedroom into ours. All the connections were already in the room from a previous box we had there. The main box downstairs is a V6 and the box we have moved is a V6. The issue is in removi...

DNKPets by Joining in
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Resolved! Home Screen / My Shows / Guide

Help!!! Not sure if I've hit a button on the remote but my home screen and my shows home screens now no longer have the small picture of what's playing on TV. Guide still does. I believe I am on V6 and not 360 software or is it hardware...not sure......

Screenshot_2023-03-13-21-58-15-54_965bbf4d18d205f782c6b8409c5773a4.jpg Screenshot_2023-03-13-21-57-57-02_965bbf4d18d205f782c6b8409c5773a4.jpg

V6 issues turning on

Over the last couple of weeks as you turn on the box from sleep it will reset instead and go through the reboot taking 5 mins approx to come back to life.Yesterday evening it recorded a program at 8pm and was due to record 3 at 9pm. Had been watching...

qwakuk by Up to speed
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leaving broadband only

Hi, I'm looking to use Utilities Warehouse for my broadband amongst other services.  They will pay exit fees but what will happen to my TV (Max it Tv) can I keep TV only or must I keep broadband to have TV? What will happen to my equipment if I can'...


Although it's on Freeview, why can't I get UKTV Play on my V6 box?

Lorraine49 by On our wavelength
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Green Screen - DVR detected a serious problem

Hi,Our V6 box restarted earlier today while watching TV and keeps cycling through 'Welcome' , 'Starting Up' and 'Green Screen'.Looking on this forum it suggests the HDD has failed and the box needs replacing.I've phoned Virgin and after several attem...

No Sound from TV

I have recently set up my new TV box and the everything went really well! However, there is no sound. I'm not how to solve this issue and would welcome any suggestions please. Thank you!

MLarkin1 by Just joined
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Re: v6 box keeps rebooting

Ours have started doing the same rebooting now and again and sometimes when I change channels you get this channel is not available error v53 I think 

thelion by Dialled in
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