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Incorrect Security Certificate error - TV Apps - F011216248

Hello, We are aware that some users may be unable to watch TV apps on the V6, with the error message "incorrect security certificate" being displayed. This has been logged under F011216248 and we are waiting for our internal and external teams to con...

ModTeam by Moderator
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Known Issue: Clear and Reset Function - V6

Hi All,  We're aware of an issue when using the 'Clear and Reset' functionality on the V6 box. Using either of the following options will cause your box to enter into a starting up/clearing data loop. Clear Programme Info & Planned RecsClear & Delete...

ModTeam by Moderator
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Resolved! Red Button - V6/TiVo boxes

Trying to watch the Sunderland v LCFC game via the red button and it's not working. It says there aren't  currently any interactive games on any of the sky sports channels...... Please sort this as I'm not getting the service I pay for.

Resolved! Screen Pixelation on recordings V6 Box

Virgin Admin place assist. Have recently started encountering screen pixelation on all my recordings. Live tv is fine it's just when I'm watching recordings back and it's to the extreme where is unwatchable?Please help

jamie818 by Joining in
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Upsize V6 hard drive

Can one replace the existing hard drive in a V6 box with a larger one? I believe they contain a 1TB drive. Replacing it with a larger one would allow many more recordings, especaially with 20TB drives now available. I would love to record everything ...

Remluf by Tuning in
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Tivo box disconnecting all the time

Hi Mt tivo box constantly disconnects from the WiFi, the WiFi has been rather shoddy anyway but recently it just keeps disconnecting and is the only device to do so in the whole house 

LS95 by Tuning in
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Re: V6 box channels "to be announced"

I to am having this problem along with unable to use on demand my tivio is fine it's my V6 box. Originally it was just the on demand so I booked engineer which I unfortunately had to reschedule but since yesterday we are now getting TO BE ANNOUNCED o...

kendo159 by Joining in
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Sky Kids for Maxit customers

The website states that "Sky Kids (CH 707) is the place to be for kids, with loads of new titles that young ’uns will love. Best of all it’s available at no extra cost for Mix and Full House customers, or customers with a Kids Pick subscription."In t...

VMViewer by Fibre optic
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Resolved! BT Sport 2 HD picture drop out

Hi,I am experiencing issues with BT sport 2 HD today. The picture is breaking up pretty much all the time.It is the rugby I am watching, fortunately it is also on BT sport ultimate which is working perfectly. I have checked the wiring and rebooted th...

neilrmason by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Help! Green screen on V6 box: DVR has a serious problem

Hi thereMy box has failed – just get the green screen saying it's detected a serious fault, then it tries to reboot itself endlessly and keeps failing. Can you please send me a new box, as from what I can see online it's not something that can be fix...

How to get the Disney Channel on a V6 contract

On V6 box but my other half wants the Disney Channel, of which I find I can't  get on the V6 box.Without having to fork out much more extra money on my contract is there anyway I could get this Channel on V6 box.Thanks in advance