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watch VM TV on the go

I have two V6 boxes and was wondering how I can watch my recordings on a normal freeview TV, which is connected to the internet, every time I Google it, it’s conflicting information! Really appreciate someone’s help …. 

Michaeljf by On our wavelength
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late infomation from VM Plus call centres?

This morning my TV just stopped for no reason the code c133 no internet connection Ok i did everything i was suppose to do check this check that take out the plug for 30 seconds NOPE didnt work Now i did think this was an outage BUT had notification ...

lyndaT1 by On our wavelength
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recycle V6 remote control

My V6 box has been replaced by a 360 and 2 days later I received a new V6 TV remote. How can I return or recycle this brand-new remote?

jrs17 by Joining in
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Resolved! Need to often reboot V6 to use catch up

Often we cannot access catch-up or apps (iPlayer, Amazon Prime etc) as the link is greyed out and on occasions when watching programs it will buffer.  Error codes C237, C217 and V210 come up but following the guidance never rectifies the problem.  Th...

esoRDL by Tuning in
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No sound on YouTube

I have no sound on YouTube app. I have reset my v6 box, I have reset my YouTube app but still have no sound. The volume is turned up. If I connect via my phone app to my tv it works no problem. Can anyone help? 

Taffe55 by Joining in
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Resolved! TiVo box failing randomly

My wife blames me for every tech failure in the house, and for a few weeks now, I'm being done for the TiVo service becoming crap.First of all, when she wants to watch a show recorded from an ITV channel, the V6 box sends her to the itvx app, where s...

jeyoung by On our wavelength
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recent problem, no sound while playing you tube videos, any suggestions ?

rkelly1 by Joining in
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Resolved! Recording Fault

For some reason a lot of our planned recordings will either start late and we miss the program start or it records in two sections. It will record the first 10 minutes then stop for a few minutes then start again.

ian2958 by Tuning in
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Re: Tv box

I have this exact same issue, does this mean my box is also goosed? Spend last few hours trying to speak to someone at VM but they just keep getting me to try all the usual things I’ve tried a million times…turn off, reboot, wait 3 hours etc etc

jamesy27 by Joining in
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