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Tivo box - power cable

Hi GuysI am not sure how and where to ask this. Just finished the building work at my house and I seem to have lost the power cable to my TV box. May I know how can I get a replacement? I don't watch much TV but my kids like some cartoon channels the...

Navsin by Joining in
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Pluto TV Integration

Hi all,So a lot of channels are moving from Tuesday to make space in the 200s for Pluto TB integration in the epg. I'm wondering if this is just for Virgin Media 360 or will it include TiVo V6? If it doesn't include the tTiVov6 will we just have blac...

djr_uk by Up to speed
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Picture pixelation Edinburgh

Hi,Recently, let’s say for one month, I have been having pixelation issues on a few channels. The channels in question are all on the same mux, so am wondering if that is a factor? We ( as in overall virgin service in the area) have had a few problem...

neilrmason by On our wavelength
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BT sports box office not playing

I have purchased Wwe money in the bank on bt sport box office ppv. When I click on it, there is nothing playing, there is supposed to be replays every 4 hours so one was at 10am but it appears to connect to the end of the live stream from last night ...

Error code W02 - signal error

Hi,I'm persistently getting error code W02 on channel 522 Eurosport 2 HD. The only way I can get it back is to power off my box for several hours (usually overnight, simple power off for 10 mins and restart doesn't work) and even then the channel is ...

Intermittent interference/pixelation on Sky Sci-Fi

I have intermittent pixelation on channel 122 - Sky Sci-Fi. When watching, every few minutes, there is pixelation distortion lasting for a few minutes then stabilising again. I don’t believe it’s a cable issue since we only see it on this channel. Al...

Peteg101 by Tuning in
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Aerial query

Hi, I have purchased a smart tv for a second room. My house does not have an TV aerial. To receive a picture I’m just wondering what my options are? 1. Is it possible for virgin to run another cable to that room that supplies a standard aerial servic...

V6 Box freezing - loosing network

Our V6 TV box keeps freezing. It has been intermittent for months but has become almost daily and completely lost signal on a number of occasions. It happens during live and on demand viewing. Unplugging and rebooting has not fixed it. I know it must...

AgedOne by Tuning in
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