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W02 error message

Hi all, we are receiving the W02 error message on a lot of channels. I understand this is a loss of service error and from other posts on this community, the fix can be done remotely from VM. Would someone from VM be able to sort this for me.Thanks

Error msg re: remote control battery

I have the following error message on the screen - “Please replace the batteries in your remote control”.I’ve done that (twice) and can’t get rid of the message when watching Netflix. I can get rid of it on live tv - it reappears when I change channe...

FJHove by Joining in
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No activity from V6 box

My V6 box appears to have stopped working completely. No signal of any kind to the TV.Lights look OK on the box (solid white). I've triied rebooting everything, swapping HDMI cables, checking connections are tight - no change.Other Virgin services ar...

cass by On our wavelength
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V6 and HDMI switcher has intermittent video

I have just bought a StarTech HDMI switch so I can connect PS4, Switch and V6 box to the TV easily without having to scramble around and unplug cables all the time. The TV is wall mounted so there is only one HDMI cable available.Before the switcher ...

V6 problems since installing Hub4

Hi, I have been having problems with the TV V6 box connecting to wifi since installing the virginmedia Hub4.It was fine for the first few weeks but now keep getting problems with connection and problems watching any streaming services. Have tried unp...

jackson_04 by On our wavelength
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Sky Sports activation taking ages

Last Saturday the 9th, I added Sky Sports to my package via the website and I got an order confirmation email showing what my updated package would be and the new price. As of this morning, the Sky Sports channels still weren't activated on my V6..Do...