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TV show on Sky HD Max breached the pre-watershed passcode pin requirement.

Tuning in

Not entirely sure where this needs to go.

I was a little horrified today when, while channel surfing, I came across a program on Sky HD Max called NCIS Los Angeles. It did not show the pin message. There were quite violent scenes but the most disturbing was where a woman was shot by someone in the neck in a pretty graphic scene. Clearly this was meant, at the very least, for 15+ audience.  Interestingly, the next program straight after required a pin...

Having these programs on is fine, if they're being shown in accordance with the law, but this was a clear breach. It was 1pm in the afternoon! Was the program not correctly age rated and hence no PIN? It's been reported to OFCOM.


Community elder

Looking at the TV guide it looks like the rating might be wrong, there were 4 episodes before that one the first was 15, the next 3 PG, the 1pm one was U.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey MattyC64c1,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post about this issue. We will need to get this looked into further. I just want to make sure, we have the correct episode to have the rating checked, so the episode of NCIS: Los Angeles that you saw, did the program start at 1pm on Sunday 25th February and it was on Sky Max HD, is that correct? 

Kind Regards,


Yes, that's correct 🙂

Thank you @MattyC64c1 

I have raised this to our teams now to investigate, as soon as we have an update we will let you know. 

Thank you again for raising this to us.