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Volume level keeps flashing up on TV every 20 seconds!

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Hei everyone!

Just got my 360 box earlier this week. Never had this problem before I got the 360 box. Every 20 seconds, the volume level flashes up on my TV for a few seconds and then goes away again. I did try to pair up the 360 remote with my Denon soundbar, but this wouldn't make the volume display flash up on my TV, would it? If I switch the 360 box off and watch something on freeview, it doesn't do it... so it must be the 360 box, right?

I can't remove the pairing from my 360 box - I only have an option to change it to something else... so I tried that and it didn't change anything.

It looks like a factory reset on the 360 box doesn't actually remove any of my settings - so I guess it will keep the pairing even after a reset?

It's driving me MAD seeing the volume level continuously flashing up! It doesn't change the volume, it just flashes up the current volume level. 

Does anyone have any ideas I can try?


Kjersti x


I hope you get it fixed - as you certainly cannot watch TV with it flashing up every 20 seconds! It drove me loopy! Haha!

As I said for my fix - I had to ditch the HDMI cable and use optical - but then it did stop me having any other sound to my Soundbar. I had to get an optical switch box so I could use my Blue-Ray player. Kj x

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i know this is old but for anyone having this issue I set the boxes one power to on, turned both box and tv off with it, turned them both back on with it and the issue seems to have fixed itself. Hope this helps. Thanks. 

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I have had this issue, seems to have been solved by changing a setting on my Xbox Series X. I turned off the CEC option there (The ability for the Xbox to power up / down the TV)

Thanks for posting your fix for this Cdms811, glad you were able to resolve this 👍