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Virgin remote

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Hello when I first got virgin tv I had a remote that beeps when I misplace it and the keys light up.. that controller got broken now they keep sending me replacement ones that don’t beep  when I lose it.. anyone know why?? 

They just charge me £10 for another one and said it will beep but they said this before. 



The old version of the 360 remote control is no longer available.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Howard48, thank you for your post.

We're sorry to hear about the poor experience you've had 😔

Can you please confirm which type of set top box you currently have and whether it's been changed since you had the type of remote you're referring to?

Advice on what to do if you've lost your remote - whether it be 360, V6 or Tivo - can be found in this article here

Please pop back to us at your earliest convenience.


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Hi Howard48,

As 1701-e correctly said the old 4 battery version of the 360 remote is no longer available, the new 2 battery version remote is the same as the "stream" box uses and doesn't beep. The old one still beeps's so it's a feature that has been removed from the remote probably had the 'beeper' removed.

I see that the "lost" remote instructions for the 360 box have been changed from being the same as the V6 and now says,


We need to send you a replacement remote

Order a replacement TV box remote online now, and it’ll be with you within 2 to 5 working days.

There may be a one-off charge for replacing the remote, but we’ll let you know before you confirm your order.