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Sky sports HD picture poor

Joining in

Sky sports HD picture looks very 'soft' compared to TNT.

It's definitely an HD channel but the picture is just not quite as sharp as other channels. 

I'm watching it on a TV360 and a 55" screen.


Alessandro Volta

All the Sky Sports HD channels look good on my Philips 55" OLED. Where do you live and what's the make and model of your TV?

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Always a subjective opinion with this, if they both showed the same program at the same time you could do a direct comparison between the two, also if you have TNT you also get TNT Sports UHD, do you have Sky Sports UHD to do another comparison. Another thing to consider if the pictures aren't the same is it the source of the feed, sometimes the TNT European football doesn't look very good but sometimes it's very good in HD.

As had already been mentioned what TV do you have that might have an effect.