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Sky Sports UHD

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I have a LG OLED tv and I have had Sky Sports UHD for a few months but the picture is not as good as the HD version in my opinion.  When I scroll down from the INFO details on, for example a UHD football match, the quality reads "HD".  When I am watching a UHD film from Sky Cinema, I scoll down the INFO page and the quality reads "4K". Do other readers have this discrepancy on their 360 boxes with Sports UHD?


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I think it does only show HD I will double check next time the football is on.

Does HDR/HLG activate on your LG TV when you watch Sky Sports UHD.


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I think it does only show HD I will double check next time the football is on.

Does HDR/HLG activate on your LG TV when you watch Sky Sports UHD.


Yes, HDR/HLG is displayed briefly. Forgot to mention originally the situation is the same for TNT Ultimate.

TNT Ultimate does only show HD there have been post's about before with some people people questioning the picture quality, looks OK on my LG.


Hi Chris,

TNT Ultimate and all the Sky Sports UHD channels are only showing HD on the info button also included the tennis on 532 before the football.


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I’ve said this on previous post. But if it’s display HLG on your tv display. Isn't this UHD? I don’t understand this. Why does the info says HD and not 4K? I’m lost there. 

I am guessing it's just incorrect metadata for the channel, it would be interesting if someone has access to the channels on Sky if it says the same on a Sky box.


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Very Insightful Person

I've just taken a screenshot of channel 532 (Sky Sports UHD Main Event) showing the tennis after the football ended,  using the "info"  buttons on my LG Oled and 360 and they both show UHD. I have the 360 HDMI resolution set to 4K, and on my LG under All Settings > General > Devices > HDMI Settings it is set to HDMI Deep Colour.

BTW you can play around and further fine control the picture settings on both of my LG's by going to Settings > All Settings > Picture > and hover the onscreen cursor over Picture mode (or HDMI Select Mode, that name varies between my TV's) Settings and type in 1113111 (second picture)

Clipboard01.jpgLG hidden picture settingsLG hidden picture settings

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Hi Dave,

If you scroll down to the bottom of the 360 info screen it shows HD, my LG also shows 2160 but that's the 360 box output, not the actual channel / programme resolution you can check by going to a SD channel like 5USA or 5Select, 120 or 138 they also show 2160 because the 360 has upscaled the video to 4K.



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Both Sky Sports and TNT Sports (and Eurosport) provide HLG only on their UHD broadcasts.

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