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Remote wont control tv

Joining in

Just updated to tv360, remote will not control tv

When trying to pair it sees tv, but won't pair saying, sorry some services not available right now  we working hard to fix. Messages code CS9993.

I have tried everything else from suggestions and help line,  no luck

Box also started buzzing since upgrade.

Cheers for any help



Virgin Media Staff
Virgin Media Staff

Hey Alan

That error suggests your box has a connection failure.  You should be able to view live TV, but can you watch anything on demand or via an app?



I can watch on programs via BBC player, you tube8

I did try to run the online diagnostic test,  it said I had connections issue , BUT I DONT HAVE THE BOX IT SAID ISSUE WITH, then wouldn't do any more, tried again ant unable to run test

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi Alan,

I realise that you have a new 360 remote but have you got any spare batteries?  If so try inserting a new set of batteries into the 360 remote as this has worked in the past.  After doing that if the remote still isn't pairing then try to pair the 360 remote by holding  down the 'TV' button and '0' button together until the Standby button (top right hand corner) starts to flash.

It hasn't happened recently to me, but in the past when I had error CS9993, rebooting the 360 would often clear the issue.

The box shouldn't be buzzing.



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Tried couple of different sets batties, no good, tried the other ,no good. I tried everything I seen on here/you tube/virgin help and nothing works.  I have another box/tv downstairs and that worked fine.  When I first did installation I had to use remote code that was on the package as come, don't knock when that significant

Virgin Media Staff
Virgin Media Staff

@alan1955 what remote control are you using?  Does it look like this:


Yes, brand new received Friday, when trying to install update it wouldn't recognise and had to use code from package, everyone else works but control of tv.  Have another box/remote and that one fine

Virgin Media Staff
Virgin Media Staff

so it controls your 360 box but not the volume on the TV?

What TV do you have, if you say the make and model that might get you some relevant advice.