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Netflix and Amazon not doing 4K

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Moved over from sky to virgin again and got the TV 360 box. I pay for 4k on Netflix, Amazon & Disney but the only app on the box with will output to 4k is Disney. Is there a reason why Amazon and Netflix aren’t? 


Fibre optic

Is your HDMI Resolution in your Audio & Video settings on your box set to Automatic or 4K? Netflix, Disney and Amazon are broadcasting in 4K on my Bix where appropriate.

Community elder

If Netflix is included in your Virgin package then it's only Netflix standard that doesn't include 4K, if you have your own account with Netflix and are paying for their Premium plan I believe you need to sign into Netflix with your Netflix details using the app on the 360 and not your Virgin details. 

Never had a problem with Amazon or Disney+ and UHD.