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Does anyone like V360 Interface?

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Why is the 360 interface so bad?

There are many quality of life features of the old interface which has just been dropped on the new interface.

Fast forwarding through your recorded shows, there is always a delay of a second or two from pressing play to the device playing the show.  The old interface would take that delay into account by taking the video back another 20 seconds or so. This resulted in the video playing a couple of seconds before or right on where you wanted it to play. Great!

360 interface? No compensation for delays, especially for the devices increased lag.  Fast forward and press play and the device has a think for 2 seconds while still fast forwarding and then plays it from there, resulting in the video playing several mins past where you wanted.  You'll then spend the next 5 mins, fast-forwarding and rewinding,  yo-yo-ing too far forward and too far back trying to get it to play at the right place.

Dont even get me started on the rewinding live TV.  Old Tivo you can rewind and when you are finished, press the stop button and it went back to live.  Now, I have to fast-forward through reach live.

This also affects on demand apps like the iPlayer or 4OD.  When I want to STOP the show playing and go back to the menu, there is no stop button. There's a pause button, but pause doesn't stop it.  Pressing the TV button asks if I want to go watch Live TV.

And Recorded shows.
Why is it like that? Why is the option at the very end of menu when it used to have its own dedicated button? I have to press the home button, then scroll right, through each lagy menu option (as it loads the bloatware for each option) to get to the my recordings option.
Why is the list of shows why is it displayed like that?  The front page shows 4 recorded shows and the next 4 planned shows.  Why does a list of things planned to be recorded have the same importance as things that have actually been recorded?  And why is so much effort to just get a list of shows in alphabetical order like we used to have?

The 360 interface is definition of form over function. Since upgrading it we have actively avoided using it.  The TV service could go down and I wouldn't notice. 

I wish I hadn't downgraded to the 360, I just wondered if anyone else has the same feeling.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @SRRAE thanks for your post here in the Community although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

We do appreciate that the TV360 software is different to the TiVo one, and understand it is adjustment when you may have been used to the other software for so long.

We will take on board your feedback and pass this on - thanks for your patience.

Many thanks



" I have to fast-forward through reach live". No you don't.   Just press the TV button and you will be brought straight to live.  


I rarely use the FF RW buttons...  The right and left buttons give better control....  Jump forward 30 secs per press or 10 secs back.

Or use the mic.....

Or even just say skip four minutes for ITV or 5 for sky usually gets you there easier than TiVo.


Works also with on-demand too (not apps)

Also just say recordings and you get there straight away.



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person


You can't please everyone all the time, however I prefer the 360 to the V6 and tivo boxes. 

You can scroll left and right on the the navigation menu.

To go straight to recordings - press MIC and say "Recordings"

You can press the back button on the 360 remote (above the volume keys) when watching a program using iPlayer, ITV X, Channel4 app, Disney+ etc to exit the program and not return to live TV.

To skip forwards/backwards 15 minutes in recordings - press MIC and say "go forward 15 minutes" or "go back 15 minutes". You can also say "fast forward 10 minutes" or whatever amount of time you want. To avoid adverts on streamed & on demand say "skip forward three minutes" or "fast forward 3 minutes"

The left and right arrow buttons either side of the OK button skip forward 30 seconds and back 10 seconds.

If you press the fast forward button above the '3' key, you have 4 speeds depending on how many times you press the button, when fast forwarding you can press the TV button to turn off the graphics, you can then press the play button to start watching.

When fast forwarding press TV button and that will switch off the fast forward arrows etc. For Stop press the back button or pause button, TV button also stops and puts you back to TV.

To play back in slow motion press pause then Fast Forward.

There are lot's of useful hints in getting the most out of your 360 on the following pages:- 

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I personally prefer 360 over both TiVo and especially Sky Q. I find once you get used to UI and shortcuts like hitting home to get to the top menu it’s a really well thought out platform.

 Finding shows using search, navigation through series and episodes is super speedy. Navigating live TV and the guide plus discovering shows in discover and box sets is presented well.

i don’t have any issues with rewind or fast forwarding infact i love the feature of holding down left or right to move along a preview window to where you want be, hands down beats anything on the market.


Hi @ashscrivens1 ,

Thank you for your feedback on TV360. We are glad to see you enjoy the features. We will also take this feedback onboard to the relevant team for future improvement.


Forum Team

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Most of the features you will miss are TiVo patented, things like quickview, skip back when you stop fast forwarding and wishlist's.

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@SRRAE wrote:

I wish I hadn't downgraded to the 360, I just wondered if anyone else has the same feeling.

Yep. I luckily have avoided downgrading as I found about the issues beforehand, obviously the ones you mentioned, the additional ones raised by others and then of course many others, such as the lack of undelete, the inability to set recordings for anything not in the TV guide, lack of series link+ and far less control over series links in general (which is the fundamental feature of the box).

Obviously the 360 will be forced on everyone eventually, so that will probably be me done with Virgin as the V6\TiVo software is the reason I'm with them, though sadly there is not another box available with the same level of features with any provider or at any price.

Dialled in

Same here, there are so many feature which are worse on the 360 it's a joke and I'm contemplating leaving Virgin because of it.

The 4 shows on the recording list is ridiculous, it used to be a nice clean and navigable tree structure where you could easily scroll through your recordings.  This a such a mess.

On our wavelength

I agree totally.  I guess I was dazzled by the advertising and now I am kicking myself for rushing in to ‘down grade’. 🫤