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BBC iplayer


I usually watch this using my Samsung app, but it's starting throwing me out. When I tried the version on my 360 all I get is a blank screen. Has the bbc been mucking about with the app? Anyone else having similar problems? 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @martinianpaul 

I have no problems using the BBC iPlayer (application version on my 360 

I know it's an obvious step to take but have you rebooted the 360? It's amazing how many issues are solved via a reboot.

There has been one recent change to the iPlayer though, on the select who's watching screen it now displays, 'Dangoswch opsiynau yn Gymraeg' in the top right hand corner, which if clicked on switches the onscreen language to Welsh


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Yes, I've carried out all the usual steps including logging out and back in to the player. No change. Google tells me many people are currently experiencing problems with the bbc iplayer booting them out on Samsung and LG tv's and a few other platforms so I'll wait for the next update... 

Just checked iPlayer on 2 Samsung TV's using the app and no problem although they both did update first, (not TV's used much in bedroom's) also no problems with 2 LG TV's either through the 360 or LG's app.

Have you tried updating the TV's software and checking your service status.

I guess you have tried power cycling the 360 but that wouldn't affect your TV's app.


Alessandro Volta

Is it only iPlayer which is a problem? If so a possibility is that the CDN serving the streams isn't working, uncommon but it happens sometimes.

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