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Unable to recover tivo recordings after Hub was changed

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Hi,  We changed failed  WI FI hub recently  and since discovered we are unable to recover previous Tivo recordings. ! this was not mentioned to us before  in conversations with VM.-the recordings ask for the pin, and after entry, say unable to play as the channel is no longer available from Virgin media.this happens with all previous recordings -the live TV channels are all working fine tried all the self help suggs. retuned tv and TiVo r/rebooted etc .

any way to do this would be very helpful or do we have a Tivo problem  ?


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It sounds like those recordings were on channels that no longer exist, i.e. the SD versions of some channels were removed a while back and just the HD versions remain, after about 3-6 months any recordings from unavailable channels become unplayable. The change of hub is likely just a coincidence as that has no impact on the functionality of the TiVo..

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

I'm going to sieze on your statement "unable to play as the channel is no longer available from Virgin media"

What specific channel(s) were these recordings from? The vast majority of the time, there is no time limit on recordings with TiVo, V6 or TV360. Depending which channel you've recorded from, they may be from an SD version of one that is now HD-only.

Hidden metadata is retained to allow recordings from ceased channels to be accessible for a period. With pay-channels, this is usually 3months. With PSB (what most people know as "terrestrial") channels, this can be either 6months or a year.

Once that time has elapsed and the metadata removed, those recordings are inacessible and should be deleted. If you use the TiVo's search functions, you may be able to find upcoming showings or a VoD equivalent.

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