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Virgin TV go app - cannot play recordings

Joining in

I have exactly the same issues and have tried all the suggestions. I can watch recordings on my iPad but my wife cannot watch on her iPad. She can watch live tv and set up recordings but cannot then watch them. It either says not connected to home network, which it obviously is, to can only watch on tv. Crazy


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Bodazapher,

Thanks for posting and for being a long time user of our Community Forums!

Sorry you're having these issues with your TV GO App 😥 

First things first, here's a link to basic help with the Virgin TV GO App which may help you and other users with general questions.

Could you tell us what error message you and your wife see when you try to access the app?

Screenshots of the messages would be super helpful!



Just joined

Getting the same issue - it’s telling me to check I’m on the same home network while letting me edit the box name and control the to from the app

Hi @Ursula1 thanks for your post and we're sorry you're having the same problem.

Is this happening for you on different devices or just one device in question?

Many thanks