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Virgin Go App

On our wavelength

For 2nd time in 2 months I can’t record from the Go App - it shows that the 360 Box is Offline, but it isn’t as I can record from the hand held remote. 2 months  I was away and had same issues. Thanks to the Forum, I managed to record on the 360 Box by clicking the icon Screen/remote and the box came back on. This time when the ‘Connect to’ symbol comes up ‘Virgin TV’ is greyed out. The App also shows what programmes have been recorded and are Planned. To me, the fact that I can do this shows that there is a connection between the Go App and the Box, so what’s happening? I have uninstalled/reinstalled the App and no difference. I don’t want to reboot the box, nor do I want it replaced because we have a lot recorded and have been through that scenario 3/4 times with VM. So I’m hoping it’s a simple fix/solution/

As above this isn’t the first time this has happened and I know from the Forum this isn’t an uncommon occurrence, so VM what’s going on?


Tuning in

Same issue hopefully not the box as they are obviously connected but says they aren’t. 

Joining in

I too have this issue, the app says both my 360 boxes are offline. I noticed this yesterday, today I changed the name of my 2nd box and the new name showed in the app immediately so like you say the devices are communicating with each other. Something needs fixing!!

On our wavelength

Update on the issue. Everything is working as it should. I left the box switched on and unplugged it at mains. Left it unplugged for 20 min. Plugged it back in and it’s all working. For how long I don’t know. FYI I rebooted it yesterday and it made no difference.



I'm sorry to hear that you're having these issues with the TV Go app. Please click here for more information on this issue.