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Sky Sports error code OVP_00200

On our wavelength

Hi, I hope that somebody can help please.

I've been accessing Sky Sports through the sky sports app without issue for ages. Last night I decided to put the football on while I was dealing with some emails and got the error code along with the message " Sorry, your session has expired. Please sign out and in again on the website". When I did that I had the same message again and again and again.

I have tried the following:

Rebooting the Hub. Uninstalling and re installing the Sky Sports App. Clearing the cache in Microsoft Edge (current version of Edge running in Windows 10). Defragged the machine. Restarted the machine. Switched the machine off, letting everything cool, then starting cold. Logging in directly to Sky Sports and letting the app just act as the desktop player. There might have been a couple of other things as it consumed my evening.

This morning the same issue after a night of being switched off. I think that I've done most of the "DOH!!" things, including checking TNT sports intermittently, where everything is working fine....

I don't know whether this is a fresh problem, just mine or whether it's more widespread? The last time that everything worked was 48 hours earlier with NO activity on the intervening 24 hours.

Any help would be gratefully received πŸ™‚



This STILL isn't working on my PC (Chrome browser), hasn't for about a week now, getting the same error message.  Works on my iPad no problem, but no joy with my PC.

Hi GazzJ,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry to hear about the issue you've been having with access Sky Sports. 

To confirm, have you been able to test other browsers on that device?


Joining in

I have had the same problem for a week now. I've deleted all cookies. Tried both Chrome & Edge and downloaded the latest Desktop Player. When I look at which Sky Sports devices are registered all slots are available. But I stil get the message "Sorry your session has expired. Please sign out and in again on the website. Error code: OVP_00200". I have no problem watching Sky Sports on my Android Mobile. The above Accepted Solution doesn't work for me.

Yes, both chrome and Edge

Hi Rob,

Yes it is on a desktop.

To be honest it's my sanity-saver during pedestrian emails and overlong TEAMS meetings πŸ˜„

the error code is OVP-00200 which seems to be a fall back "something is wrong but we don't know what" code. I haven't used a mobile device, but did try with a clean install of Chrome which worked once, and then returned the same error message. My suspicion is that there might be some form of hangover from the browser, especially since the newest version of Edge is built on Chrome principles.

I have also tried to go through the Virgin TV GO app, just in case there was some form of error with the Sky App at the first stages of activation, but got the same direction to go to the website and log out, which I do, then log in, then get the same error message....

Any suggestions beyond where I have gone would be greatly appreciated. I have IT trainer accreditation, but more in holding people's hands through learning systems or software, not in any form of coding so I've gone through the "switch it off and back on" options which I would have suggested (and no RTFM option :-)).





Hey Andyval1953 and I'm sorry that you're still having the issues with the sky sports. Are you able to try to use Sky Sports via incognito mode within your browser?

Have you logged fully out of Sky Sports and back in via the Virgin media sign in page?

Kind Regards,


Yes, tried other browsers as well.  Also tried on a second PC upstairs and that doesn't work either.  But it does work on my iPad.

Joining in

I also ran into this in the last week. To fix it, I had to do the following in my web browser:

1. Load the browser Developer Tools (F12 on Windows, Option+Command+I on a Mac).

2. Choose the Application tab.

3. In the Storage section, expand every entry, right-click and choose Clear.

4. Refresh your browser and log into Sky Sports again.


Hi. Sky works OK using Incognito mode. 

I've logged in and out numerous times including running McAfee PC Optimizer to remove cookies etc. All to no av ail. I then tried cpwood's suggestion (thanks for the effort/suggestion btw) but all to no avail.

Hey @Andyval1953,

Thanks for getting back to us, with this then if it works via incognito mode we would advise to keep using this, otherwise we would advise reaching out to Sky with regards to this as this is their error code.