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Sky Sports App returns an "unexpected error" when trying to log in

On our wavelength


I run a Windows 10 PC and when I try to log into the Sky Sports app via the Virgin Media log in I simply get an "unexpected error" banner

Can you help please



I am able to watch Sky Sports on my Ipad via the Sky Sports app

I cannot however use the VM TV Go app, when I try to log-in I receive the message  "Please sign in with your main user account.  Sub accounts can't sign in to this service"  I am using the main user account so do not understand why I get this message

Help with this would be more than welcome please

Hi Wackyracer500,

Thank you for reaching back out, when signing into the Sky App, are you using the Virgin Media Customer log in at the bottom, when signing in are you using the same details you use to log into your Online Account?



Hi Paul

Yes I use the  VM UK log-in box to sign in the the Sky Sports App

The log-in details I use enable me to access my VM om-line account

The email address I currently use was recently changed by VM support when I became locked out of my email account - is it possible that my original VM log-in email is still operating as the "Primary" account and if so would this account for the message I receive when trying to access VM TV Go?



Hi Wackyracer500,

Try logging in using your original username and the password you would normally use.



Hi Paul

Tried but log-in failed 

I would really appreciate some helpful suggestions to try to resolve this issue

I have tried both the Windows PC and Ipad and neither works with the old log-in details????

Ps However the new log-in allows me access to my VM accout?


Thank you for letting me know, what error is it giving you? 

Also could you of gone over the device limit at all? Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

On our wavelength

Hi Matt

The error returned both on VM user account log in and Sky Sports VM UK log in using my old details

"Your email or password was incorrect.  Please try again or go back to change your email"

I get exactly the same response when using my current details on the Sky Sports VM UK log in

My current details allow me to access my VM account

Lastly no, I will not have gone over the device limit

I should really appreciate suggestions as to how to resolve this issue

Many thanks




Hi @Wackyracer500,

Are you able to watch any other content via Virgin TV Go using the same login details?



Zach - Forum Team
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Hi Zach

No I cannot log in to VM TV Go at all- I can log in to the Sky Sports app using the VM UK tab on my Ipad but cannot log in to the Sky Sports app on my PC