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Recording through TV Go app

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New 360 box today. Have tried to record. Recording using handset - OK. Recording using TV Go app - states box is offline and will be recorded when online. Comments appreciated 


I was thinking do you get the option to watch on TV but then you wouldn't want to say yes if you can't turn the box off, can't remember if it asks to turn the box on if it's off, maybe I will check later.


On our wavelength

When I was home I had a new 360 box installed. Virgin Go wouldn't work. "Standby/Offline". I checked settings and Fast Start was on. Still nothing. I then deleted and installed the app. "Go" then worked. I'm now away from home and it's again gone into standby/offline/"Oops" mode. So I can't delete or record progs. Looking at the Forum and reviews of the app I'm not the only one experiencing these issues. If you can provide a workable answer it would be greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks 

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Hi Gr8m8again,

Just tried watching a recording using the app and selected the watch on TV option, it turned the TV, soundbar and box on and I could also turn everything off using the app, don't know if this only works if you are at home.

Don't know if it's something you want to try to see if you get an error message and if you don't then try setting a recording.


On our wavelength

Roy247, you're a genius. It worked and the box activated. So huge thanks to you. Few observations. We have cameras at home and I can see that although the box came alive the TV didn't switch on, which is perfect. The other thing is when the box became active and via " TV Guide" on the app, I could see that all those progs I had tried to record and was met with "Oops try again" we're showing as recording set up. So it seems the 360 box had received the relevant instructions but it had to move out of the sleep mode to activate those instructions. So all is now 👍.

Thanks again for taking the time to follow this through and without that I doubt I'd have been further forward. So may you and your have a brilliant Christmas and hopefully Man U will have a better 2024 than it's had in the last few years. All the best.


Hi there @Gr8m8again 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome back to the forums.

Thank you so much as well to japitts and newapollo for their help on the original question. In regards to TV Go this service does only work inside of the UK, I am very sorry for any inconvenience caused. 

Hi Ashleigh, yes thank you japitts and newapollo. The problem has been solved thanks to ROY247. He altered me to the small icon on the to right of the app (tv screen overlaid by hand set). He had previously had the same issue and took me through the process - he even went to the trouble of testing it out on his home system. Superb Lad. Remedy? Click on the icon on the top right and a page appears with the stop/start icon together with “Virgin TV” and “do you want to activate”. Press yes and the box activates. In the case of Roy who went through the process at home, his TV and sound system came on whereas for me outside the UK, the TV didn’t come on - we have cameras at home and could see that the TV hadn’t come on. Few pointers, which I’ve relayed to ROY247. When the box was activated the future recordings I had attempted to make and that failed to register, all appeared on the app - I can verify this via the TV Guide and the “Planned Recordings”. I have not tried to watch any recordings already made, but they can wait until we return home. So yes, the app does work. I haven’t worked out why the 360 box was offline - know doubt one of the many Gurus on the forum will come up with an answer.

So all good and thanks again to everyone who has take the time and trouble to help me to sort this out….especially ROY247.

Hi Gr8m8again,

Good to hear that all recordings are now set, my box is set to active start and seems to set recordings quicker when on holiday outside of the UK than when I'm at home.