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Websafe - again!

What’s happened to Websafe now?! all the screens have changed and I can’t find it at all.  If I type Websafe into the adddtess box it tried to log me in but I just get the infinity icon for ages. I give up!

MrsG101 by Tuning in
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Every time I go in to alter wabsafe aads go yto mansage settring it puts me back on the previous page

Websafe not working

Have just realised that websafe is not working. It is turned on but not blocking any websites. shows connected to Virgin Media Business. Have not changed anything at our end.

RosieXYZ by Tuning in
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Web safety

hello, everytime i try to click on the child safe in my account it displays the following message: Sorry the changes you made were not saved, please try again I've tried everything and nothing seems to work

Momo496 by Joining in
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Manage devices

I've downloaded the mange devices app and have found our connected devices but it doesn't show my daughters ipad or iPhone. The devices are switched on and connected to the WiFi. I'd like to be able to pause them etc at night. How can I do this pleas...

juliac by Joining in
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Web Safe

Hello all,Unable to change any settings (time frames, adding/removing websites)Tried different browsers, cleared cache cleared. The only option which DID work was old page (extremely slow though). 

Senis by Just joined
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Child safe not working

Hi there I can’t seems to have my child safe activated every time it get grayed out and I get an error message saying changes not saved try another time can someone help please  

jamill79 by Joining in
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Websafe not working

I'm having the same problem as other people, ie my parental control settings not saving.  I've deleted cookies which normally does the job but this is really stressing me out - is there any update on when this is going to be fixed?

MrsG101 by Tuning in
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Websafe not working

Hi. Is there a problem with Websafe? When I make a change I get an error message “unable to save settings. Please try again”. I’ve tried again multiple times and nothing works. It worked fine 5 weeks ago, we went on holiday, came back having turned i...

b-b-b by Joining in
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Child Safe is not working

Hi - my child safe settings are no longer saving - I get the same message each time:"Sorry the changes you made were not saved, please try again."This has been the same for 3 days now.I spent hours online with one of your help agents who has now deac...

AJC12 by On our wavelength
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