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web safe not turning on

Trying to turn Web safe on since I've joined last month but without luck. i get the text "Sorry the changes you made were not saved, please try again ".I have also called the faults team but they couldnt fix it. I as promissed that they will escacala...

cassis by Joining in
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Can't turn websafe on

Hi,First time trying to turn on websafe (didn't realise it was an option!)When I try to toggle buttons for virus safe and child safe on, they just automatically switch off again and I get the message, "Sorry the changes you made were not saved, pleas...

wayits by Joining in
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Cannot Turn off parental controls

Hi, I have recently got virgin media broadband. I have turned off my parental control settings and obtained confirmation that I have changed my settings, but adult content sites are still being blocked. From what I can tell, this is quite a common is...

jp_pne96 by Joining in
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Child safe off, still blocking sites

As per the subject. Child safe is marked as off on my account, however however websites are being blocked. This is only on my mobile account. Wi-Fi is fine, I have checked on multiple devices. It is only on my main sim account when on 4/5Gi have trie...

Wetbread by Joining in
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Not blocking adult content

I have childsafe switched on but it is still not blocking adult content.  I have even tried blocking specific sites and childsafe is still not blocking it. 

Cb771 by Joining in
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Websafe can’t be turned on

Hi, i can’t turn on child safe or web safe from the security area of the my virgin media website. I keep getting the following message and when I have checked back a couple of days later nothing has changed. Can someone help please?Thanks, Craig  


Websafe Not Working

I've been having issues with my websafe for months. On my account its activated but it doesn't filter out any of the websites i want on any device connected to the network. I've phoned Virgin multiple times, gotten a new hub but nothings worked. Chec...