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Parental controls - can't block specific website

I want to block a specific website, which does not seem to be covered by Child Safe even though I think it should be (it deals entirely with suicide and suicide methods.) I've turned on Child Safe and can still access the site. When I enter the url a...

Child safe

I can't this to work either. Keep Getty BG message saying changes can't be saved. Children accessed very disturbing pornography when searching for the film Clueless!Need to know how to stop this urgently!

Web safe not working

Hi, I can't seem to turn on Web Safe. When I go to the settings page and click to turn on, I get the message " Sorry the changes you made were not saved, please try again"Can somone advise on a solution?

online security settings

Hi, I cant save any internet security settings, when i try to do so it gives the "your settings cannot be changed, please try later" It worked previously, I would also like to block all known VPN`s in case you can help.