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Web/Child Safe not switching on...

Evening... like a lot of people on here I can't get Web Safe or Child Safe switched on - I get a 'changes haven't been saved' message.Can someone look in to this for me please?Cheers...

RuffKut by Joining in
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Child Safe not working

Child Safe set to On but not blocking any websites, this used to be working but isn't anymore. Have turned setting off and back on again but no change. Factory Reset hub but again no change. This is a fundamental service that Virgin Media are failing...

Wyble89 by Joining in
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Re: Can’t access web safe

I have a similar issue. I've accessed websafe before but now when I select 'manage websafe settings ' it reverts me back to the service status screen. Same problem from either the phone app or web-site. I've rebooted router and restarted devices but ...

Jim__d by Joining in
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Hi, I blocked youtube in the list on child safe websites and then I had to unblock it today.  I then logged in to block it again but it is allowing me to access it still.  What's wrong?  I pressed save changes and it said the settings had been update...

Dreuitt by Joining in
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Online security

Web Safe - Virus Safe and Child Safe options are not getting switched on because of following error message:Sorry the changes you made were not saved, please try again!

ZR by Joining in
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 I have this issue but cannot see how it was resolved only private messages . My settings are set to off and I cannot change them with the switch. Why the secrecy? Surely if its a general issue it can be published on here?

84peterf by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Block websites by pattern

Hellois it possible to use a wild card when blocking websites.For example if I wanted to block all websites that contained the word red within the name such as: *red* or %red%Thanks

bicwyzer by Tuning in
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