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Web safe settings

Hello. Could someone help me with web safe. I want to have child protection on but how do I separate adults devices from children? I do not want the same categories be blocked for us. Also if I set time limits how do I choose which devices it is appl...

djok by Joining in
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Unable to turn on web safe

Seems to be a common problem: I'd like to use virgins web safe features, but whenever I try to switch them on I get a "setting not saved" error. Can this be resolved / worked around?

Child safe option not working

I have tried to get this going but to no avail. I need this to work. What is the problem with it? I have tried everything I can at this stage and need help to get it running.

Web Safe not blocking adult content

Web safe is no longer blocking adult content. I am able to access sites on all devices in our household. I have reset the router, but this has no affect. I have turned off and back on the Web safe setting, with no effect. I have also followed the lin...

Web Safe Settings

Hi, Has anyone else had any issues with the Web Safe not working on their account? Mine was working perfectly up until a few days ago and I’ve been in touch with the support team three times and it’s still not working! I have young children and need ...

Po1978 by Joining in
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