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Stream sign-up issues

Hi, hopefully someone can help. I have broadband only internet from VM (no TV) and wanted to get a stream box for £35 activation fee as all the advertising seems to imply.My gf tried to do this today over live chat and was told it was an extra £4 a m...

Nick262 by Joining in
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No credit on Stream subscriptions

Hello,I should have get £20 credit of Stream subscriptions bill of £38.75, but I cannot see that on the recent bill.Will this be applied automatically upon payment, or is this just simply wrong?Thanks.

Stream box

I added the essential entertainment package to my stream box and it’s been stuck on adding… for 3 days. Anyone know how to fix it 

Netflix after moving home

Recently moved home. Thought all was great. During the move as I expected my netflix was suspended. Now after use WhatsApp and a phone call to customer care. I still can't get my netflix back. That is included in my package. Was passed to "it team" o...

Stream is really not good enough

OK, so the stream puck arrived. It's like going back ten years in terms of quality. Unless I'm mistaken, there's no way to watch from start unless it's BBC which jumps to the iPlayer, or itv channels that go to itv X. On sky stream when you select a ...

1000047913.jpg 1000047914.jpg
EAB2021 by Dialled in
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Batteries on remote

The batteries only last a very short time with this remote is this common or an issue with it also the screen looks very dark even with TV setting’s adjusted 

Hix by Tuning in
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Poor 4k quality on Stream box

Hi all,Anyone notice that picture quality on all channels including UHD channels is noticeably worse on 4K TVs when HDMI mode is set to 4k? Even the menus look much softer with a distinct lack of sharpness. When I switch HDMI mode in the Stream box t...

Sofabaton Universal Remote

HiAnyone using a Sofabaton universal remote with the stream boxSofabaton support say the Arris VIP5002W has been added to their database of supported devices. Ray

Rayek22 by On our wavelength
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