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Hey thereI really liked Sky Stream but want to know if the Watchlist is similar to the playlists? Say I wanna watch EastEnders instead of manually finding each episode on iPlayer - I can go in watchlist/playlist and it’ll show the episodes in there a...

Resolved! Netflix intermittent sound issue

Hi, I've got the 1gb volt package and connected thru a denon x6500 receiver for surround sound. I'm find that when using Netflix via the smart tv app every few minutes I'm losing the sound  to the denon,only  for less than a second but it is noticeab...

stevew60 by Tuning in
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Technical stream questions

Hi all, hoping someone in the know can help, as I'm not even going to attempt asking CS...Live stream quality - are these the same quality / bitrate you'd see on the 360 box channels, or are they the same lower quality streams you'd get on the iplaye...

lame153 by Joining in
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TV not working

Hi,hoping someone can up this morning and i get an error message on my tv for all channels saying Channel failed and error message CS2004.I have tried rebooting and checked all the connections .Using the app i booked and engineer for tomorro...

Box not starting

HiMy stream box, which I only got in November, has stopped working. When I try and load it up, I get the welcome screen then a bright blue screen. I have tried unplugging and replugging. I have tried different hdmi ports on my TV and hdmi wires. The ...

Remove Adverts and PIN

Will there ever be a way of paying extra to remove ads on VOD? I would happily pay like £3-£5 extra a month so I don't have to fast forward 4 times within one episode.I already have to type in a PIN to watch the next episode each time, which I can't ...

emmaipod by Joining in
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Resolved! Cancelling Stream

After getting my latest VM bill a few days ago, I realised I can no longer afford the increasing costs. I don’t really use my Stream box anymore, as I have an Apple TV 4K box to watch all my streaming content on. So, I’d like to cancel Stream. I can’...


When trying to start up Netflix I get a screen stating to call Virgin Error code is CS2400

Frens70 by Joining in
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Resolved! Stream subscription Pending

Recently subscribed to the sky sports package and then decided I wanted the movies aswell, so I cancelled the sports package to get the sports and movies together but it’s stuck on adding and pending, I have phoned up and was  told to just wait and s...