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TNT Sports Ultimate in HLG format (dim picture)

Dialled in

I used to subscribe to BT Sports and back then the ultimate 4 k channel was perfect.

i recently subscribed again to TNT sports and now I can’t watch the Ultimate 4k channel as it seems to be in HLG format, so the picture is quite dim and low in contrast, while the TNT logo is very high contrast which could lead to screen burn.

i assume the 4k broadcast has changed to HLG format which my tv does not support.

i guess I will have to cancel the sports package as there is no fix other than replacing my tv.


Tuning in

I noticed the same issues on my Samsung Q90 LED, the picture on TNT Ultimate is now awful having previously been superb.. However, I just checked my LED upstairs , the Samsung q95T, a later model and the picture is way better. I therefore assume the Q90 is hopeless at handling HDR. I also note a black square forming on the q90 so time to replace. I want and OLED but hate the dimming when there is a sporting static image on screen,

Dialled in

Is it broadcasting in 4k. I only see it on HD with HLG format picture which is really dim. I need to increase the brightness on my tv. Also tried messing about gamma setting but it doesn’t work. Virgin ultra hd and tnt ultimate broadcast in hd and not 4k.