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Stream Box needs more power.

On our wavelength

Another box power problem. I've used multiple cables, multiple power supplies (including virgins own) but still I have problems with the above.

This must be an over-zealous software problem. The box doesn't really need a lot of power/amps so why are we having to jump through these hoops?

What's really funny is that if i restart the box a number of times it will start working with no problems.

Just another ill thought out piece of software to cater to people who are unable to understand power requirement's, and maybe save customer services time when people complain their box suddenly shut off.

Please remove the power requirement check virgin.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @mousemart, thank you for your post.

We're sorry to hear about the problem you're having and that you feel this way 😔

Is this preventing you from being able to turn on the Stream Box at all at times? 

Also, I can see you've spoken to the team since you posted. Was this problem discussed and if it was, what was advised?

Please pop back to us at your earliest convenience.


Hi Daniel,
I didn't discuss it with the team, though it's still happening. It's nice game now, will the box turn on today or not lol.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi mousemart,

It certainly is strange - it looks like you also had this TV box replaced in January too, is that right?

We aren't aware of any power issues with the Stream units, have you tried plugging the power supply into a different power socket? What else did the engineer advise during this visit?


On our wavelength

Hi Beth, thanks for answering. Yes it is strange, tried different everything as well. Cables, sockets, power plugs.

Other people have had this problem, it's a problem with software really. The box detects the power it's receiving isn't enough to run but I've used high end cables and even the usb3 connections on my tv which can provide more than enough power.

It's just one of those system designed to save problems, but it doesn't work correctly and is causing more problems for customers. And yes, this box was a replacement, but it happened on the old box too. TBF it's incredibly cheap for Virgin to only provide a replacement box with their installs (not replacing psu and cable), who can say if it was the original power brick all along?

Is it giving you any error codes at all when you have it on?

What colour are the light when its on / you try and power it up?

Has it always been like this or since you got the replacement in Jan?

Matt - Forum Team

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