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My Watchlist feature

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Hi all,

My 360 subscription finishes in June and was curious about the Virgin Media Stream and like that it has similar interface from the various videos I’ve watched. Also like the idea of getting rid of the fibre cable inside my house and saving monthly cost.

A few questions:

  • Is it the interface the same speed as a 360 box just doesn’t have recording feature and hard drive.
  • is the picture quality the same as 360 box
  • The My Watchlist feature is it similar to My Recordings except the ‘recordings’ are played from the Virgin servers rather than the hard drive like on 360.
  • Does My Watchlist have the same filters as My Recordings like ‘Newest’ and ‘Planned’ i.e., it will show most recent episode at top of item on watchlist like in the image. Or is it much more simplistic and groups by each TV program added to the watchlist.
  • can you add items to watchlist using the previously defunct record button on the remote control.
  • Can it default to Live TV on turning on the box
  • Can you type in channel number eg 101 and it will launch BBC 1

My wife is a technophobe so doesn’t like change. The most important thing in the list above is the My Recordings. If My Watchlist is dramatically different it would be deal breaker for my wife. If it is similar with filters then fantastic.

Sorry for the long list but I can’t find a lot of this info elsewhere.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @-Bruno- 

There's a review, albeit almost 2 years old on the Cordbusters site < here > which will answer the majority of your questions, but bear in mind that the Stream box has developed a great deal since then. They have a couple of more recent articles <here>  and <here> 

With the latest Stream update when you switch on your TV and bring your box out of standby, the first screen you will see is the Home screen. However if you don't put the box into standby then it will still be displaying/broadcasting the last channel you watched.

You can add items to watchlist using the record button and the voice button on the remote control. See the  /virgin-tv-edit/tips-and-tricks/my-watchlist-on-stream-from-virgin-media page

You can set up profiles using the profile button on the side of the remote the same as on the 360, so you could set up a profile say for wife with her favourite channels, and if she added programs to the watchlist when using her profile they would only there and not on the all users profile. See /help/tv/streaming/journey/profiles-on-stream 

You can type in the channel number, or in most cases hold the voice button on the remote and either say the channel name (or app) or channel number.

The latest Stream channel guide is <on this page> 

Whenever there's a major update to the Stream and 360 boxes you find details of the changes on the following VM page /Digital-life/Latest-updates-have-been-released-for-360-and-Stream-boxes 

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Thank you that's very helpful. I feel I will have a battle with the wife to transition from the 360 My Recordings to Stream My Watchlist. It does not seem the same from looking at all the links you provided and inferior to My Recordings.

Alessandro Volta

Bear in mind that a watchlist provides what may be considered markers to some content which has been stored and made available via Catch-Up, On Demand and apps, but do not - and probably will never - give access to all content. So, if your wife is accustomed to recording any live broadcasts and her favourite programmes are not available on a Stream watchlist, then you will as you say have a battle.

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