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Zero upload speed, poor intermittent connection

Tuning in

I have been experiencing very poor connection issues for several months. I have had VM engineers visit 5 times they have changed my hub 3 times, replaced the fibre to the premise and all the coax cabling too. Nothing has made a difference.

Download speeds are generally fine but upload speeds are very slow or non existent. When I managed to get a connection using Samknows, my upload speed to the router was 0.00 mbps, latency 115 and the download speed was 278 mbps. The connection is so poor at times samknows start to run a test and simply loss connection and fails.

my broadband package is M250 fibre broadband.

The only thing I have noticed that doesn’t look right is the power levels on the upload channels is around 28-29 which I believe is low and out of range.

Please can you resolve this.



What do the rest of the Hub's stats look like for the Upstream channels ?

E.g. for DOCSIS 3.0 is the Modulation mode QAM 64 and are there 4 or 5 channels connected ?

On the Configuration tab, is the Upstream Max Traffic Rate still correct for your service ?

DOCSIS=3.1, Modulation mode = QAM 64 and there are 4 channels 

 I should have 25mbps, config says the max traffic rate for upload is 27500061 bps, so looks ok

Hi jbrown1262


Thanks for taking the time to raise your upload speed query via the forums, we understand the concern this can cause and appreciate you making us aware. Welcome to the community.


From checking the speeds, we can see they are above 273mbs download and 26mbs upload. There were a couple of days this was an issue but seems to have stabilised over recent days. Have you noticed the same improvement during this time and posting?


Let us know.



Most of January and February was bad, since 4am on the 28th feb things have been stable. 

Disappointingly, today all my troubles have started again 🙁!

I've taken another look and the speeds at the moment are back to 276mbs download and 25mbs upload, there has been some disconnection over recent days but all of the specs and levels are in the ranges we'd expect to see.


Again, it's been a couple of days since posting, have you noticed these improvements again during that time?



No I haven’t, see below, this is happening throughout the day



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey jbrown1262, thanks for sharing this and sorry to see there has been no improvements to your up-speeds.

Could you please try rebooting your hub and see if this makes a difference as from our end the up-speeds look normal?

Also, could you advise if this speed test is over a wired connection with your pc? If so, please disconnect all other devices (on both wired and wireless) and run a new speed test via ethernet to check the values coming back?

Let us know and we will take it from there.

Forum Team

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On our wavelength

This is what I've had for the last 3 days on a M500 package. Can't watch any streams, can't do any web design because the upload is slower than dial up. Can't play games because the games boot me off due to poor internet connection. Facebook takes a month of Sundays to load/post comments. Every website I go to takes ages to load & then for about 5 minutes works great & then back to the problems. 

Funnily enough, the only website I can actually log into without any problems is Virgin. Never had this rubbish with ADSL. I moved because I needed more upload speed due to uploading website packages often & other stuff, and there was no full fibre in my area yet. But recently got an email from City Fibre saying they're in the process of installing it in my area. So, if this keeps up, I'm leaving as soon as it comes.