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Virgin's online broadband test identifies a problem, says to check back in 16 hours

Tuning in

I'm on M500 broadband, and since last night I noticed that my download speed is struggling to reach even 120.   I found the online test, followed the steps (unplugging everything etc.) and now it says check back in 16 hours.

Does anyone know what is supposed to be happening during these 16 hours?  I have never seen this before.  I get the feeling that it will just give me the same message tomorrow afternoon.


I just loaded up the VM connect app on my phone (first time i've ever really used it), i'm not even sure what it did. It disconnected me for a second and now my wifi on the samknows site is reading router download: 417 & Device download 547. It mentioned something about a ONE connection, but I didn't have my glasses on, could you be able to give me a  little explanation as to what just happened? Thank you for your help.  

The app is like to test speed on ur property to see what it is like in different rooms and u can see what is connected

the website does somthing less like that but it can help with issues on eother of them