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Slow upload again

On our wavelength

Located in SP4 8 area. After problems with slow upload earlier this month for about a week or so(less than 1mb) which caused problems loading pages & streaming. We are now experiencing the same problem. The fix date is 8th of March. Last time I registered for compensation, which I haven't received in my latest bill.

On our local community facebook group page, people are frustrated with given dis-information from VM, from its your router to your hub is updating. Some people have received compensation from last outage, whilst others haven't. I'm out of contract and seriously thinking of leaving VM as a loyal customer of over ten years. 

VM, please tell your customers the truth & automatically pay out for loss of service.


Community elder

Compensation is only after a full outage of 48 hours.

You aren't entitled to any for a partial outage.

Last outage was about ten days.

@Sgt_Bilko99 wrote:

Last outage was about ten days.

Full outage, as in no internet access at all?

"total loss of service"

Slow doesn't mean full outage.

Hi Sgt_Bilko99, 

Thanks for taking the time to contact us via the Community. It's lovely having you on board with us in the Forums.

We're sorry to hear you're having issues with a slower than normal upload speed. Checking things here, there is no longer an open network fault. This has been closed as resolved. Please reboot your hub to refresh things and let us know if you're continuing to have issues. 

With automatic compensation, this is only payable where you have a full loss of service lasting more than 2 days. Signal network faults can affect people's connection differently so those who had a total loss would have been credited with compensation, those with a partial service, would not be eligible. You can view the eligibility criteria here


Forum Team

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@Kath_F after renewing contract today, we are having problems again with broadband. I believe it is the same issue again, very low upload speed (<1mb) possible NSR fault. No problem on status page, but plenty in my locale are having the same issue.

Hi Sgt_Bilko99, 

Thanks for sticking with us in the Community. We're sorry to see these issues have returned. 

I've done another check on your connection today and nothing has changed. All power and signal levels are optimal and there are no issues showing for the area.

Can you please do a speed test on a device that is connected to the hub via an ethernet cable via Sam Knows please? This will give us a better understanding of the speeds you're seeing. 

Many thanks, 

Forum Team

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