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Paying for 1gb download and only getting 90mb!

Just joined


I tried Sam knows and I'm not getting any where near what I'm paying for! I'm wired.

 Download Mbps 1134 --- DownloadMbps 94.5


Can anyone help? 





Alessandro Volta

by wire? on a laptop?

does windows show your link speed as 100Mb? do you have a 1Gb NIC?

get this

BENFEI Ethernet Adapter, USB 3.0 to RJ45 1000Mbps Gigabit LAN Adapter Compatible for MacBook, Surfac...

and a better cable

5m Cat6 Ethernet Cable Lan Patch Cat 6 Cables Internet Rj45 Plug 1Gbit/s SFTP PIMF - white - 1 piece...



Sorry I didn't specify! I'm on a desktop PC.

I have had 900mbs down load with this ethernet cable I'm using now. What is 1gb NIC? where woould i find this out?

I bought a cat 6 Ethernet cable but didn't set it up around outside my house because I was achieving 900mbs with this old one. I've had Virgin about 8 months and this is the second time my download has dropped. 

Thanks for the reply.

So i went into my Ethernet settings and it was showing 

Speed 100mbs. then it changed to 1Gbps.


Do you think changing to my CAT 6 cable is a must?

Thanks again!



Community elder

Some speed test sites are inconsistent.

Try this one:

And no, you shouldn't need to change your cable, unless the connection speed changes between 100Mbps and 1Gbps randomly.


I prefer the NIC Speed & Duplex set to Auto Negotiation.  This will not affect your 1Gbps link to the VM Hub.

For me it is super easy to forget what has been done in the past & if the PC is connected to a 10/100 connection for some temporary reason like decorating one might well be left with no network connection and puzzling as to why that is occuring.

My HP Workstation maintains a 1Gb/s connection rate to the VM Hub over a CAT 5e cable.