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Internet Speed Inconsistent

On our wavelength


I am experiencing a strange issue where my network speed seems to be dependant on load. I have 1GB from Virgin, with the hub in modem mode and Google WiFi and I am experiencing this both wired and wireless.

If I am downloading something to my Steam Deck wirelessly, phone wirelessly or my desktop which is hardwired I seem to average around 50-150mb/s, however as soon as I run a speed test on Google WiFi via the Google Home App all of my download speeds jump up to 600-1gb depending on wired or wireless. It will sit at this level for a few minutes before dropping down to around 200 for another few minutes before dropping back to the original speeds. So to download anything I find myself having to run speed tests to keep the workload and speeds up.

Anyone ever experienced something similar? Is there a "bandwidth saving" mode for Virgin or the modem I am missing? I will also ask this question of the Google forums.

Thank you,


Tuning in

Check your Google Wifi configuration.  If you have any kind of QoS or 'Application / Gaming' enhancement on - turn it off.
The Google Mesh hubs are known for having 'broken' QoS configs that get fixed in a newer firmware, then get broken again on another release / update.   That's why your speed tests are intermittent as it sounds like QoS is kicking in - and throttling your tests intermittently.   The firmware for the Google mesh system ( and the majority of Google's kit ) is shocking.   US tends to get fixes - while us lowly people in the UK have to wait months if not longer to see the same 'fixes' applied.

On our wavelength

Thank you everyone, I have turned off QoS, was enabled for Google Meet, Teams etc. I was downloading at 300-350mbp/s last night within Steam so that is big progress! Will keep testing Google settings.