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Can anyone help please? Upload Speed!

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On 29th April I got home and was unable to stay online with my gaming PS5. Streaming etc all perfect no issues. I just can't do gaming.

I'm on the 100MB package.

I have no issue with the download, varies between 90 - 100mbps.

The issue is my upload it will not go above 1mbps. Prior to the 29th I would get an upload from 18- 21. So a considerable drop.

I have checked service status using the number and test online and via the app. I've done factory reset and rebooted. I've spoke to the fault team who advised intermittent issue I'm the area and it will resolve in time. Other than that they can't/refuse to help.

Is there a specific fault that would only throttle the upload? 



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Screenshot_20240330-153029_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20240330-153054_Samsung Internet.jpg

I don't know if these pictures help but it's took me 5 minutes just to upload them. Please help me, I'm getting no where on the phone lol.

Up to speed

if the service is unsuable make sure they are aware you expect compensation until it works as intended. The online Virgin Hub test come back with nothing?

other alternative is lodge a complaint? 

Connection: Virgin FTTP Gig2 (XGSPON)

Faults can't help, just say there is an intermittent fault and should resolve within 24 hours. No explanation why its only my upload speed that is throttled. Online test says no fault in area or on the line. Faults are hopeless, not to throw shade but they have no technical knowledge. I don't get how my DL has no issues but upload is running in kbps. Thanks buddy


Use VM's own speed test to confirm there is a service issue to the Hub.

Once the test begins click on: Run full test to see the stats for Upstream speed.

If you can share as screenshot of the result that shows a poor performance on the upstream speed that will be very convincing that there is a fault.

Also call 0800 561 0061, this automated number reports on known service faults in your street.

Fibre optic

It's upstream / return path noise by the looks. I see upstream channels with T3 timeouts, both channels adjacent to each other suggesting broadband ingress overlapping both frequencies. 

Hello MikeMurphy31,

Thank you very much for joining our Community.
Can I just apologise for slow upload speeds and lack of information you got when you spoke with our team.
We can run a few tests from here and check on your equipment.
Sadly its not showing anything wrong, So I will need to send you a private message to gain account access and run further tests.
If you can check the logo top right of your screen that would be great.