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Web safe not working

On our wavelength

Hi, I've noticed our web safe isn't working, not sure how long it's been down.

Adult content is still coming up and links work to play videos,  that's on our pc connected with ethernet and also on android and apple phones, I've rebooted the router and also gone into the web safe settings and turned it all off and back on again and it acknowledges the setting changes and updates etc but it's not changing when browsing, we aren't running a vpn etc, my 13 year old does play online games, I'm wondering if he's clicked on something unintentionally, and something has corrupted everything, but we are running F secure so that should stop viruses etc.


Alessandro Volta

Change your DNS settings on PC to use and


Thanks for the reply, we have 1 windows 10 pc and one windows 11 pc, and I'm not tech savvy!

all was working well so don't understand what's happened I'm assuming it's an issue at virgin's end not mine, I got into the router settings and the DNS is the ones a previous post on here said they should be set on.

I'm hoping one of the virgin tech team will reply and then check things from their end.

On our wavelength

I've just tried the long pin reset on the router to return it to factory settings and still no change, child safe etc still not blocking anything.

Does anyone from virgin even look at this forum, when we're paying a fortune for a service that doesn't protect kids and they want to increase the fees again.

What a joke

Alessandro Volta

Well to me it don't look like you want to protect your kids there are options but your set on one option


Hi, like I said I'm hopeless with tech, so if I can manage to change the DNS to what you suggest on my windows 10 pc will that also then change it for all devices, so the windows 11 pc , android phones and I phones? And will that make the virgin virus safe, child safe and F secure  run properly ?

No it won’t, what it will do is to completely bypass VM’s, somewhat less than effective filters, in favour of another companies filtering system. But you have to make this change on each and every single device, which is not only impractical but also might well cause issues if you take said device elsewhere.

The truth is that VM’s parental control system is simply broken, it has been since the minute it was set up, and to make it worse, even if it were to work perfectly, it is trivially easy to bypass and I’d be slightly astonished to find that there isn’t a single teenager in the UK who doesn’t know how to blow right past it!

Hi @simonwalters70,

Thank you for your posts and welcome back to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm sorry to hear that you appear to be having some issues with your Web Safe settings and filters recently. Are these ongoing today? Has the advice offered by other members of the community here helped at all?

If the issue is still present, have you tried disabling it and then re-enabling it via the My Virgin Media online account?


Zach - Forum Team
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On our wavelength

Hi Zach, thanks for getting in touch, yes it's still not working, I noticed it on sat but it might have been down longer, I've tried pin resets on router and resetting the router from its admin settings, made no difference. I managed to get through on the phone just now to an abroad call centre, he said he's logged it as a fault and it will be fixed in 3 days, and I need to wait for a message from them, but he didn't fill me with much confidence and was hard to understand, so I would appreciate if you look into it, I'm sure it just needs resetting from your end, I've not changed anything at mine, no VPN or DNS changes, although it looks like that might be the answer if web safe keeps going down, I even got an email from web safe saying we can see you've changed your settings, which was when I tried to turn it all off and then back on again, so it noticed that, but didn't know it's not working, that's a bit worrying!


Child Safe and Wi-Fi pausing are so simple to bypass with modern laptops and mobiles one wonder if they give parents a quite false sense of security.