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Netflix Scam

Tuning in

I have recently been charged £15.99 on My October, November & December Bill for a Netflix subscription that I have not taken out or agreed to, I have spent over 5 hours on the phone this weekend to many customer service agents who have call me a liar, been rude and very unhelpful, still unresolved, I have contacted Netflix who has told me the email address associated with this Netflix account and it has nothing to do with me, I have explained this to customer service who are still unwilling to deal with this as a fraudulent request on my account and will not reimburse or follow this up with an investigation, as a matter of coincidence around the same time that this subscription was requested in October I had a engineer attend my property, looking through the forum this is not a singular issue as other customers have experience the same thing, is this a core issue with virgin media that engineers and customer service agents are scamming virgin media customers, is this something that should be brought to the newspapers attention because I am more than willing to do so. 

I would be interested to see how many others have experienced this issue. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi carrie88,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂

I'm sorry to hear there's been confusion around the Netflix subscription, I can see you've been able to speak to the team since your post yesterday and been able to get things sorted.

If you do still need help with anything please let us know.


I have had the same issue.

I don't understand how this is allowed to happen without notifying the account holder.  The first you here of it is, when you get the bill.

There is a serious flaw in your processes which is allowing this to happen

Not completely resolved 

issued with credit and Netflix removed from account and complaints issued a good will gesture and refunded the amount I had been over charged as well as reducing my monthly amount, for virgin media still to try attempt to take over £125 from my bank at the start of February and because I recalled it I had my services suspended today and blackmailed into paying the outstanding amount before I could speak with someone about why I had been charged at my previous bill rate and a charge applied for netflix again instead of my new monthly amount, still no closer to understanding why and how the credit I had applied to my account has gone, it’s like the credit was applied and then virgin media applied additional charges and billed me at a higher amount to take it back off me, with my new monthly amount and my money from Netflix refunded I shouldn’t have paid for February or March’s bill. I will be calling tomorrow to lodge another complaint and requesting a deadlock letter to go to the odbudsman with, this is fraud and completely out of order 

Hey carrie88, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear about this.

I have taken a look and I can see from our end you spoke to the team about this did they manage to get this resolved for you? Thanks

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Nope they didn’t 

Hi @carrie88,

Checking our systems, I can see all the relevant credits have been applied and the team discussed the billing issue with you. 

If you still require further clarification of the billing, let us know. 

As it stands, everything appears to be up to date now. 

Thank you

Forum Team

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Completely wrong again, 

the credit applied does not add up to the correct amount and the bill (billing explained) did not make sense and there is still an itemisation for a Netflix subscription on my account that I have not agreed to or placed on my account myself, the credit applied was to reimburse me for the amount I was over charged for Netflix at £63.96 plus £15.99 that was going to be applied to Februarys bill and also a hood will gesture of  £81.99 to take my January bill to my new amount of £44 a month as well as £89.28 so my February bill the new amount of £44 then a further £6.99 for the fee my bank charged me due to you attempting to take funds when you shouldn’t have, so if we add those amounts together they make a total of £258.21 not the £153.24 that still does not add up to any correct amount if we deduct the £63.96 from £153.24 then that only leaves the £89.28 to cover the over charge at my previous package rate to make February bill my new package rate, so I have still be over charged £15.99 for Netflix again and I have not been reimbursed £6.99 for my bank fees and the goodwill gesture to change my package price for January has just gone missing 

Hi @carrie88 thanks for your reply and sincere apologies for this. 

If there is a Netflix payment on the account that you no longer wish for, you would need to cancel your Netflix subscription through Netflix directly and this will no longer appear on the bill for you.

There is a lot of information on your message and unfortunately, it's quite hard to break it down so can you confirm only, how much you believe you are still owed?

Many thanks


im watching this with interest