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Virginmedia Fibre is it fibre?

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I have the offer of a Full Fibre (FTTP) at a very reasonable quotation far better than VM. I consulted VM to ask when are they going to do FTTP in my area but they replied that is already FTTP but I understood it was only Fibre up to the small box on the pavement in front of my house and the rest to the house is a coax cable.

Plus they added they will be doing VOIP within the next few YEARS! - as this will be bypassing phone line will our premiums be reduced as we are not using the line anymore.

Your thoughts will be appreciated  


You are limited by the wireless tech/capability.

A 200Mbps internet connection over a 867Mbps wireless tech is very achievable, even over some distance.

A 1130Mbps internet connection over a 1200Mbps wireless tech is not so achievable, even right next to the HUB/router.

Up to speed

@davrob They already are using VOIP bypassing phone lines, I got my little dongle that connects to the HUB5 last year to plug in the phone to. Your premium will not be reduced because of this, analogue lines are just going over the internet is all.

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Very Insightful Person

"They already are using VOIP bypassing phone lines" VM are not using VOIP, they are just using the fibre/coax connection instead of a dedicated wire. All the termination equipment is still POTS, they will perhaps transition to true VOIP in the future, but many people are still abandoning their fixed phones for a mobile one.

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Alessandro Volta

Virginmedia are using something they call CV21, which they brought in to allow domestic phones to operate over their local broadband circuits. It's not true VOIP and you can't plug proper VOIP phones into the VM Hub.  But it does mean you can just plug existing phones into the Hub, so it does the job.


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Oh yes sorry it's not true VOIP but it uses the normal internet via a regular phone, hence the little adapter they sent out to households ages ago with a letter informing of the switchover.

No bother for me as I have a landline via Vonage so already have voip in place long as there's internet.

Yes well TV does worry me as enough to choose from Smart TV & Freesat.

Offer of 500Mbps @ £19.90 for 18mths then £29.90 for next 18mths and will include increases at March like all other providers. Only downside is I shall loose my landlines as on VM so will have to get VOIP contract. Talking about VOIP does anybody recommend a good & reasonable price VOIP provider. I do realise VM is going to be doing this sometime but will commit when

Alessandro Volta

Nobody loses their landlines as what happens is that you connect your existing handset to the hub via an adapter. The line rental is the same but I expect that it will be reduced after 2025 when VoIP is fully implemented.

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