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Virgin now available in my postcode

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Hello, im hoping someone will be able to help with a install question, a few years ago virgin expanded their footprint in carlisle but the area we live was left out (something to do with very poor work by their contractors across multiple areas leading to fines and repair orders being issued by the council).

Last year grain connect installed FTTP along our street CA1 3NZ/CA1 3LW (took 2 weeks of digging and laying conduits) and we signed up, skip forward to last week and we have been receiving flyers through the door saying virgin is now available to us, im looking into it as we only have 3 months or so left on our contract and sky are being a pain.

My question is how? no one else has dug up our street, openreach's equipment is all pole based (also just completed their FTTP upgrades in the area 3 months ago), is virgin now using grains ducting or are they now using openreach's network?

The local O2 shop just gave me the usual "we have our own network and don't share" speak and didn't seem to understand i was asking how they can supply me when they haven't dug the street up like they did the rest of the city.

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Hi @AndyCoffin 

Welcome back to the community forums 

It's great to hear that you're still interested in joining us. We are able to install using overhead cables now and that may be the reason that serviceability has changed for your property. 

This is still our own network, but we can use the poles to now provide our cables/network. Have you spoke directly with our sales team on 0800 183 1234 to see if your home is serviceable or if there is a possibility to send a 'spotter' or site surveyor out to check for you?  


Here to help 🙂
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