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User already logged in (when not) on hub

On our wavelength

Recently, when I want to configure my hub 3.0 for port forwarding etc, I get this when I try to log in. No one is logged in, I even made sure to log out of my last session, but it still does this:
"Please Note!
Someone else is currently logged into the settings page. Only one session at a time is allowed. Please try again later."

I've had to reboot my hub 3.0 with the pin button to fix this, only for it to come back when I try to log in the second time, unplugging the hub 3.0 from power doesn't make a difference (I had it disconnected for 10/15 minutes and it still didn't work afterwards).



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On our wavelength
It is very slow to load most pages, agreed.

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Any reason behind the Huawei phone I need to be made aware of or are you scaremongering?

Alessandro Volta

No problem with the Huawei phone, I did put in a smiley. 🙂 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

A quick search on these Forums would reveal this is a bug and quite common. The app and/or Hub is faulty somewhere, and in a lot of cases it takes a reset to clear this mesage.  As Mike as previously stated - don't use the app .....

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Makes no difference if you are using an app or the web gui as I have never used the app. 

Now getting this often. Sure a power cycle restores it but come on, this should be sorted by now. 

Settling in

Yup, suffering with the exact same issue needs to be addressed 

When using the web GUI, are you pressing the log off button at the top when done to properly close the session and not just closing the browser window?

On our wavelength

Last time I checked, it didn't make a difference

Joining in

I’ve got this same issue. Factory reset doesn’t help 

Trouble shooter

Last time I had this I left it a few hours and it cleared itself. Most of the router stuff is disabled though to be honest! Have my own WiFi dhcp and dns.