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Trouble with Virgin/Sales and install

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I am having an issue with Virgin and has been a nightmare going back and forth with Virgin and Sky who is my current provider. Sales team at Virgin said everything is easy, but now it looks like it is not easy and Virgin have missed two sets of dates for take over with Sky without any notification to myself as I want to keep my number.

My first order, I was waiting with excitement, but on the day of the faceplate installation I called and was told by Virgin that my order was cancelled. Anyway the person seemed to be on the sales team so was happy to do a new contract and pushed a new order through and said an engineer will come to install the faceplate and that Sky will be notified as they will acquire the phone number. I called sky after a week an was told nothing was requested and that if I want to leave there will be charges.

Anyhow today I had a 3rd party engineer who installed the faceplate as we are repurposing the Sat cables for Virgin use, however his ladder was not long enough to get to the cabinet so left. Tried to call Virgin to rebook but they dont understand a thing and keep disconnecting.

Looks like, I will have to stay with Sky - Virgin please can you sort this out as it is embarrsing and I have waster a month. Thank you


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Hi @Ishaq10 

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So sorry to hear that your install has been delayed, this is certainly not the smooth and easy install that we aim to have. We understand this can be frustrating but unfortunately delays do happen on occasions due to the way we provide our network to our customers. 


The teams will already be working hard to complete the necessary works to allow the install to go ahead. I can see on the systems at our side that you have spoken already with the team since posting and have been provided further information and details regarding your install. 


Please do keep us posted if you have any further concerns 

Here to help 🙂
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Honestly this whole experience is killing me! Virgin have rebooked the 3rd party engineers to come out today as last time they didnt have a ladder. Today 2 guys came and the same guy from last week who knew exactly what they needed. Again they dont have a ladder, he said hes going to the van and will call back, but then both drove off and done a runner.

This is absolutley shocking! This faceplate install is so easy yet they making it so hard. When I call customer service they dont know what I am talking about and keep moving the date forward without notifying Sky so I left doing all the work plus taking days off from work.

Someone needs to sort this out or tell me that Virgin is a no go for me then I will look elsewhere.

Very very bad!

Hi there @Ishaq10 

Thank you so much for popping back to us on the forums and we are so sorry to hear that this has happened with the install. 

Can I ask if another appointment was booked for you at all in regards to the faceplate or has this since been attended? 

Alessandro Volta

How high is the cabinet? Normally VM install theirs near ground level and run a cable up the wall. Also they don't work above first floor level. 

- jpeg1
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Hi Ashleigh

No the work has not been complete, as they didn’t come back, I called customer service and they said that there was 4 hours left till the job ends so they may come back, but they didn’t.

These 3rd party companies must be costing Virgin so much on call outs.

My building has been wired so the sat cables are repurposed, all that needs doing is to make the line live, they just need a ladder or access via my neighbours door to the roof.

Sky will disconnect me on 30 April so i will have no service, also Virgin have not requested the post to take over the number so I will also loose this.

Very bad situation I am in regardless of no fault of my own. 3rd party engineer who came first time knows exactly what needed doing on 2nd visit yet he forgot his ladder! How stupid!

Alessandro Volta

The mention of the word 'roof' doesn't offer that much encouragement either. Along with 'heights' VM installers don't seem to do 'roofs' either based on some past topics on here.

Alessandro Volta

You will be well advised to postpone the Sky contract close until VM is installed and working. People have been left without broadband that way. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

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“as we are repurposing the Sat cables for Virgin use”


Nobody else spotted the possible issue here?


These are 3rd party engineers who do the faceplate so they are used to drilling, climbing and working etc as the first engineer told me, the problem was he didn’t have his ladder.

So job got cancelled and re-booked, he came back with another guy a week later, however his telescopic ladder was too short, so the job got cancelled again.

Virgin, do not notify me or keep me in the loop as to what is happening, each time I have to call and chase, also Virgin do not tell or update Sky of a delayed takeover and again I have to do the chasing. Anyway I have a goodwill first time with sky where they said waived the cancellation charge, now they said NO! Also Virgin have not been in touch with them to take my phone number over as I have had this for 20 years.

 One of the engineers said, VM customer service is really bad, but once it works the product is good. I don’t know about the product but the “service” for me right now is 1/10 😞