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Receievd an email about a delay, but installation date is unchanged.

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I recently signed up to Virgin Media as I'm in the process of moving to a new house. A pre-installation team came out on 25th April and put a box on the side of my house, so all seemed fine. But then I received an email with the following text:

Sorry, we were a little too hasty

We recently got in touch to tell you Virgin Media broadband was available in your home. Unfortunately, due to unexpected technical problems, some more things still need to be set up – so our broadband isn’t ready to use just yet.

We’re sorry for the delay and we’re working quickly to sort things out. We’ll keep you updated and let you know in the coming weeks when it’s up and running.

Talk soon,
The Virgin Media Team

This email confused me. It reads like it's saying Virgin isn't available where I live just yet. And the installation date hasn't changed - its still in for 1st May, and I haven't received any texts or calls about a delay and giving a different date, just this email. I can't find anything online about anyone receiving this email before, all the delays that others have had give a new installation date (and they seem to be sent before the pre-installation team comes). So I'm confused. Can anyone help?


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Update - called Customer Services and they said the notes on the system confirm the pre-pull has been done and there's no outstanding external work. They did mention that the pre-install work was initially due on 19th April (a few days before the purchase of the property completed) but had to be pushed back to 25th April as some more things needed to be done. Maybe this email was supposed to go out last week but was sent now by accident, after the work had already been done?

I also just got a text message as i was writing this confirming installation date as 1st May.

I am well confused.

Hi @RoseOfDawn 

Thanks for posting and welcome to both Virgin Media and the community.

From what you've said, it's a delayed SMS about the pre-pull delay but I'll send you a PM now to ensure all sorted :).

Forum Team

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