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Nearly 3 months of installation delays so far!!

Tuning in

I chose virgin media as I was referred by a friend who has been with then 15years with no big  issues...

So for context I am 19 years old and have cerebral palsy and live in my own dwelling, so you can imagine having WiFi is kind of a big need for me iro social aspect

I ordered Virgin media start of may, received an email 23rd may advising they need me to complete the details of my housing provider so they can get permission to install, I replied to that email within 30 minutes, 2 days later I got an install date of 7th June...yay

7th June... no one shows, no communication, I ring the "customer service team" and I'm told they are waiting for my response to their email on 23rd May, I advise I responded and received an install date of 7th June, I was literally point blank told I was lying!!! So I read verbatim the installation email I received, I got cut off, I ring back, go through the whole 35mins wait again. Repeat everything again, told they have no details of my housing provider, they confirm the install date was 7th June but didnt go ahead as they had no details, I reiterate that I had replied onnthe same day within 30 mins, i have that email in my outbox amd received an email with the install date from virgin 2 fldays later, apparently I was supposed to check that Virgin received my email to ensure install would go ahead.. what???

Anyway person on phone takes all details of housing provider, complete the details of my residence and says I will hear from them in 24-48 hours, 2 days later I receive an email,  new install date 24/6, yay

24/6 no one shows... I ring up... 54 mins wait, told by "customer service team" they are wwaiting for my reply to email of 23/5 asking for housing provider... I advise them of all of above, again literally told I am lying or Im mistaken as there was no installation booked, read out verbatim 2nd email stating install date of 24/6, also give them the complaint number that was issued on first call on 9/6, miraculously they find not only my account but all the housing provider details, then advise me that release (or relief??) team haven't actually contacted my housing provider but they will do so in next 48 hours, I advise the team member this is 2nd failed install appointment without any notification, they offer me a £15 credit, I advise I had read the ofcom compensation, they advise they will grant a one off £75 credit and guarantee the install will happen on 10th July, I advised I will accept that token but ONLY if install happens on or before that date, I am told 100% guaranteed install on 10th July. Next day receive an email with install date.. 10th July 2024.. yay

TODAY... received an email from Virgin advising that install has been cancelled and rescheduled to 23rd AUGUST 2024 !!!

WTAF is wrong with this company? at each juncture I have advised of my need and my disability, I have completed any details required of me but have literally been called a liar on 2 occasions by the "customer service team", had 3 installs cancelled (2 without any notice) and if you work out from first failed install (7th June 2024) to 4th proposed install (23rd August 2024) that's a period of 78 days of cancellations and delays!!! IMO that's a disgrace but who can I complain to??

I spent 2 hours today trying to speak to someone who is not entrenched in an offshore call centre so that I actually have a chance of getting a full explanation but no of course that's impossible

At this point Iam actually unwilling to give this up out of sheer stubborn tenacity and because I frankly feel extreme aggrieved by this whole thing

Yes I might be only 19 and have a physical disability but I am not substandard or subhuman and my faculties are all present! And I am looking for some actual help not a poor chat both or an entrenched call centre worker who can only follow a set script



To save further delays and future pain ...

1) Order an internet service that is available at your place of residence. Assume the land lord may reject VM digging / drilling / stringing cables on the exterior of the building.

2) Do not sign up for a service period that may exceed your current lease / current rental time at this address - the ISP will enforce the early termination fees as outlined in the contract.  Your situation is not their concern once the contract is signed and the service has commenced.

It is a block of 4 ground, 4 1st floor, 2 of which have virgin already so I don't see that as an issue my housing team already gave verbal ok to me as existing residents have this service, virgin simply haven't contacted them since I gave details on 23rd May and I'll be here for a number of years yet 😉 

Alessandro Volta

Don't take it personally. There are plenty of delayed installation topics on here where VM has treated those other customers with equal contempt.

VM has created a chaotic installation process where much of the work is done by sub-contractors. Communication between VM and the sub-contractors seems to be non-existent once the job has been allocated by VM. Delays seem to crop up when higher-than-average costs might be involved. They also frequently arise when any issues of wayleave and permission to do work on a property might be required.

The fact that VM has now bounced your installation date nearly two months into the future indicates that you are very likely to be given the run-around for quite some time.

As it stands you should be eligible for compensation for any delays

but VM frequently tries to dodge paying what is due under the scheme and customers regularly have to go to the ombudsman, in the topics on here, to get VM to pay up.

What other options do you have in your accommodation for a connection?

Do you already have an Openreach connection in your home and what services can you get on that?

VM may eventually get around to carrying out an installation for you but it will be strictly on VM's terms and timescales. It has even been the case in past topics that VM has cancelled installations, after months of waiting, and failed to tell the waiting customer.

Depending on how much/soon you need to get back online, exploring your other options would be wise at this point.

Super solver

You might be only 19 and have a physical disability but VM has left you wondering whether it really does believe that you are in some way substandard or subhuman and absent of some of your faculties. This is an utterly extraordinary and shameful state of affairs.

You are clearly a very mature, intelligent, resourceful, principled and articulate young man who happens to also have cerebral palsy.

To the crunch question of WTAF is wrong with this company? Well that would take up all of election night to even begin to make a start on but your personal experience of VM reveals its incompetent, shambolic, and, yes, cruel quintessence.

Follow the good advice already given and either fight the company all the way (we are all happy to guide you through it) or just tell VM to stuff it and get on with more deserving subjects of your time and talent.

Good luck. 

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here

I am torn between 2 options tbh

Do I wait this out purely on principle because I feel the "service" so far is dire at best and why should I roll over and let them fob me off

Or do I say fxxk it , write off the wasted 2 months so far by VMand go to BT who would install in the next few weeks

Good for you. Please let us know how you get on. 

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here

Hi there @Kbaax 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 

I am so sorry that you have faced this issue with your service and thank you again for posting. I would be more than happy to take a closer look into this with you via a private message so we can take a closer look and see if there is anything we can do to help this situation. 

I will pop you a PM across now, please keep an eye out for the envelope at the top of your screen alerting you to a new message.