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Joining in

Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone could help, especially if they've had a similar experience. 

25/03/2024 Pre-installation was complete. I had a Virgin engineer come out 2 days later and there was no green light at the junction box.

29/03/2024 - Cable Repull Appointment / No Show

30/03/2024 - Cable Repull Appointment / No Show

01/04/2024. The Virgin engineer turned up, no green light on the junction box outside, would not work/connect so the engineer cancelled the visit due to a no-show on the re-pull. The engineer also told me my cable re-pull was scheduled on the same day between 13:00 and 18:00 and nobody turned up.

01/04/2024 - Cable Repull Appointment / No Show

02/04/2024 - Cable Repull Appointment / No Show

03/04/2024 - Avonlines finally showed up, they needed to change the ports as my property was connected to a different port, and they spent a good 3-4 hours on the telegraph pole and left.

04/04/2024 - Avonlines said that the Virgin Media engineer will need to go to the exchange and rewire something and I will be up and running, this would be done in a few days.

05/04/2024 - I spent multiple hours on the phone to Virgin Media to attempt to book an engineer date and was promised multiple expedites. I called on 06/04/2024 and I was told nothing had been raised and I would not be getting an expedite.

The customer service is by far the worst ever customer service I've had. Promised multiple callbacks by agents and team leaders, I had 1 callback out of roughly 18 promised ones, yet that call back I was cut off after explaining my situation.

Anyhow, Avonlines came out and "resolved the problem" last week. The problem was with the cabinet, so a cable re-pull was not necessary as it had to do with the ports I was connected to. Virgin came out this afternoon to install my Broadband (also a miserable engineer), he said he's done what he needed to do but it is not going to work because I'm still connected to the wrong port. I have called customer services multiple times, again promised 2 callbacks and I have received nothing, customer services are not finding a resolution, I have been without Broadband for over 2 weeks now and I am finding it stressful to deal with as I am getting nowhere.

Any information or advice would be amazing. 

Thank you in advance