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I need my installation kit sooner, VM changed my date without reason

Tuning in

I signed up for a package today as a customer and chose well in advance for delivery on the 18th of June.

I have since got an email from VM stating that date cannot be done, and rather than bring it forward which makes more sense, they have pushed it back meaning I will have no access to internet for approx 3 days, because they changed the date without giving me options.

I had this email from them from

We're sending your QuickStart install pack very soon, but unfortunately we can’t give you the slot you picked on our website.


It'll now arrive with you on <22 june 2024> between 8am and 9pm. If you gave us your contact details, our delivery partner Yodel will text and/or email you with a 2 hour estimated delivery slot on the day.


Can anyone help from the VM forum team or does anyone have a contact number I can ring to request an earlier delivery? (Or does emailing back go to a team who can help?)


Community elder

There must be a reason. Maybe the kit you are being provided isn't available.

What have you ordered?

I ordered Gig1 with Stream

Tuning in


I managed to create an account via the website and it has let me change the date (didn't know before hand I could do this).

I think this can be marked resolved now.

Thank you!