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Flashing Green Light

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Hub 5 X

Hi new install Thurs 22 Feb FFTTP on the 5x hub and all seems well as far as connectivity concerned expected speeds but my hub light status is a mixture of approx 30 secs of solid white light followed by 30 secs of flashing green. Im aware the flashing green indicated updates but just querying why its taking over 30 hours.

Having woke this morning the 23 feb and seeing thebsame alternating light sequence I rebooted the hub and light returned to solid white for an hour or so before returning to this sequence of alternating between solid white and flashing green and remained that way all day and evening and as I write this post.


Joining in

Just an update I decided to force reboot the hub and once rebooted the hub has remained solid white for the past 36 hours I gather the hub had received an update but was unable to auto reboot itself for whatever reasons.