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Fibre install before engineer visit

Joining in

Hi all,

I am new to Virgin Media and only setup my account last Sunday. I have arranged an engineer visit for this Saturday and wanted to confirm that this will involve the fitting or install of the fibre to my property. I know there is currently no fibre cable to the property so want to make sure that the engineer is aware and can bring any required equipment to get me up and running and ultimately a paying happy customer.


if someone could advise on the above that would be great as I’m struggling to explain this via the phone and would like this process to go as smooth as possible. Thanks 


Alessandro Volta

Normally the fibre or coax from the road is done by a separate contractor, before a VM technician comes to fit the internal equipment. There are some variations on the outside work depending on the nature of the connection. Do you know if it will be from the pavement or a pole?

It's perhaps worth mentioning that new installations can be delayed. The usual advice here is that if you are moving from an existing broadband service it's best not to cancel that until the VM service is installed and working to your satisfaction. Otherwise there's a risk that you may be left without a service. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Hi jpeg! Thank you for your response.

I would assume the engineer can do these checks when he attends on Saturday? We currently don’t have any internet or service at the moment anyway as we’re only moving in on Friday.

I did mention to the people on the phone that I did not require an internal engineer because I am fully capable of fitting the box to a cable but they said it was needed. What I actually need is someone to fit the fibre to my house in whatever way as otherwise I can’t receive the service to begin with but for some reason that is really difficult to convey to people over the phone as for some reason they don’t understand. 



Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @JamieCobern, and a very warm welcome to you!

Pleased to hear you've decided to take up our services.

Can you please advise us how the visit went yesterday, and if there needs to be any follow up action from our team?