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Failed Installation

Tuning in

Today was my Virgin media installation day for broadband, TV and phone.

The installer arrived promptly at 8am but quickly realised there was a problem. The fiber cable pulled to my property nearly two weeks ago was not active. 

We walked down to the cabinet around 30m from my house, I am the first customer on the cabinet (new build estate) and the installer checked all available ports - all dead. The cabinet is not active. 

He couldn’t carry on the install and said a contractor would be required to get the cabinet up and running.

Why on earth did they not check the fiber cable was lit at my house before completing the pre wire job?

What happens now? Me and my partner work from home, it is absolutely critical we have a working internet connection. 



Alessandro Volta

Start keeping detailed notes of all of VM's failures from this point as you will be entitled to compensation

from today when the VM tech arrived but failed to activate your service. Keep records in a timeline format with accompanying evidence as you may need to go to arbitration to get paid what is due to you.

In the meantime, you should start on a backup plan while you wait for VM (it could be a long wait). In similar past topics on here, some have bought in a mobile hotspot device as backup. Some have bought in additional data to tether to their mobile or bought a data SIM on a rolling monthly contract. Others have opted for an Openreach connection on a rolling monthly contract until VM installs (although you would have to check if Openreach is active at your new build address and which providers will serve your address).

I will start a log on what is happening.

The installer, who was very helpful, said normally a cabinet outage would be the highest priority with a very fast response but as no other customers have reported the fault (there are none, yet) it is unlikely it’ll be dealt with as quickly.

I am looking at 4G solutions now but need action from Virgin asap. If it is going to take another month I will end up going with an Openreach FTTP service. 

Hey chrisyyw, thank you for reaching out and I am so sorry to hear about this.

I can see you are currently in private messaging with my colleague.

If you need anything, please do reply back to the thread. 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

There will be those on here who will be somewhat puzzled to hear that you had a choice between Openreach FTTP and VM and you plumped for VM. The very best of luck to you and do please consider this early exposure to VM's operations as a harbinger. 

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here

Hi Matthew,

2x engineers have been working on the cabinet this morning so hoping they have resolved the issue.

How long will it take for a new installation date to be booked?


Cost and I wanted the TV service.

The package Virgin have offered me, with VOLT benefits no Openreach based ISP could get anywhere near.

Tuning in

I need help creating an engineer visit - I am finding it incredibly difficult getting in touch with the pre installation team, I held for 45 mins yesterday. Can somebody help at all?

There has been a lot of Virgin / 3rd party activity at the cabinet on Monday / Tuesday. I went out and spoke to the contractors, nice chaps and I asked what the issue was. The main fiber cable feeding the cabinet had been severed, causing the cabinet outage. The 3rd party contractors worked until 9pm on Monday pulling a new cable through the estate to the cabinet.

On Tuesday the contractors returned to finish the splicing of the cable off and then 2x VM techs came to my house to check my fiber was working.

I was expecting an auto re-appointment but nothing as of yet so need help. I have DM'd Beth on here who was helping on Sunday but I don't think she has returned to work yet.


Hi @chrisyyw 

Sorry to hear you had issues getting a new appointment booked once the cable issue was resolved. We apologise on behalf of our team. We can however see you have been able to arrange this with a member of our team via PM. Is there anything else we can help with today?


Forum Team

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Hi Akua_A,

I would like to thank Gareth initially for his help and then Beth and Vikki for their help after the failed install.

I am now online!

The installers were excellent and have done a very neat job. One has left their Virgin Media jacket, could you possibly pass the message on if they want to collect it.